Friday, October 10, 2014


Today is a vacation day for me but Pat has to work. After dropping her off, I head over to Brenda's for my  8 o'clock appointment to get my haircut. Home by nine, I fill the water tank on the trailer and finish packing for the last weekend out camping this year, we are off to "The Ridge" up near Durham, Ontario. This will be our first time here camping. A lot of work has been done to prepare for us to be here this weekend and try out this new spot. It will be a boon docking weekend as there are no hook ups yet. Before mid November, there will be a shed brought in  and in the spring the hydro will be put in.  Back tracking a bit here, after getting the trailer ready it was a relaxing day for me. Around 2 pm. I got truck and trailer hooked up and ready to head out and pick up Pat from work when she was done. We made good time  getting up there and Donna & Gerry met us there to help get set up, they are the owners of the property.

Picked our spot, opened everything up, fired up the generator and stood back and surveyed the surroundings. It looks great! The grass that we planted the last time we were here is growing as is the grass that Donna & Gerry planted since then. What a difference since the end of July when they bought the property.

Trailer set up, Gerry and I looking on

Our view to the road

Looking in from the road

Looking in
It was getting late and dark and we are all hungry, off we go into Durham to have fish and chips at a local eatery. We enjoy this place, great food and prices. After supper Donna & Gerry head for home and we head back to the trailer for the night. We are excited to be here and try out this new spot as it will be where we call home when we retire in 2016. It was an early to bed night.

Thanks for stopping by, until the next time, take care.

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