Saturday, October 11, 2014


Our first night at "The Ridge " was uneventful, an early to bed, goodnights sleep and early to rise, for me anyways, Pat slept a little longer. Will drinking a couple of coffees, I did yesterdays post. Once Pat was up we headed outside for a walk out to the road and watched the sun rise over "The Ridge". We lit a fire to take the chill off and enjoyed the early morning. Breakfast on the go just after nine and all cleaned by ten.

Our Spot

The sign says it ALL!


View from the road.

Gerry called just after that to say they had arrived at "The Acreage", so we headed over to help them winterize their trailer and take down the awning. We headed back to our trailer and got the girls set up. While they made themselves busy, Gerry and I headed out to see the shed he is having made for at "The Ridge". Looks real nice, 9 X 12, perfect size for here. It should be ready for set up here on the 15th of November. In the spring he will have the hydro installed ready for next  year's  camping season. On our way back we stopped in Durham  for truck fuel , generator fuel and propane for the BBQ and trailer. When we got back it was lunch time. Shortly after, Audrey and Tom arrived. WE all had a nice visit before they headed back to Hanover leaving us to enjoy the rest of the day.

That pretty much sums it up, Pat and I and Clemson spent a quiet evening to our selves.

I am including the pics below taken by Donna last evening, Friday, as we arrived. Thanks for stopping by, until the next time, take care.
Coming up the drive

At the top

Making the turn to set up our spot

Just the right spot

All set up

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