Friday, December 8, 2023

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Quartzsite Arizona

Time sure flies by when you are enjoying life, and that’s the way it has been for us since arriving here about six weeks ago. If you are reading Pat's Blog, you will have day to day updates of our life here.

Before I get into the main subject of this post, the solar upgrade that I did is working well and I am pleased with the outcome. There is one addition to what I did and that is, I ordered one more battery, that arrived today. In the next couple of days, it will be added to the other three batteries.

Hobby is the topic of this post, that being, flying RC airplanes. Two of the planes that I came with, have crashed, part of the hobby, if you fly often enough, you will crash airplanes. One was a complete write off and the other is repairable, which I will do soon.

This my Somethin Extra that crashed but I will fix it.
Before I left here last spring, I had set aside a Piper Cub, 72 inch wing span and done in Army green colour scheme, at Jim’s place, where we hold our meetings. It is being temperamental in the engine department, so it hasn’t flown yet.

This is the Piper Cub that I had set aside last spring before I left for home.
What I didn’t expect, was the other Piper Cub that he had for sale when I got here this fall.  This one has a 91 inch wing span and is done in the traditional yellow Piper Cub colour.  With a 91 OS Four Stroke engine, it flies very well.

The 91 inch wing span piper Cub
After losing my night flyer last year, I wanted to replace it so I could once again fly at night down here. After lots of deliberation, I settled on the E-Flite Night Timber, that comes with lights installed. Last night was our first night of night flying here at the Quartzsite Desert Flyers field, where I flew it at night for the first time. It flies well and I am surprised and pleased with how well it lights up.

Sorry it is blurry, not quite dark yet.

Daytime picture.

Explanation, Jim that I mentioned above, is one of the founding members of the club down here. He and his wife own property here, on which he built what would look like a driving shed. In there, on one end, his wife has a quilting room, on the other end is an open area where we hold our meetings and there is a work room where we can go and fix/build airplanes. There is also a mezzanine where you can find many airplanes and anything needed to fix/ build them.

Along with flying model airplanes, Jim also buys up planes and hobby related equipment to resell. He does it to keep busy, part of a hobby to him. His resale prices are very fair.

I would also like to state that Jim, at the age of 91, is retired air force veteran, having been active for more than 30 years. Jim was the boom operator on many kinds of fuel tankers.  A gentleman and good friend.

Well that’s it for this post, thanks for stopping by, until the next time.






  1. Really interesting blog; it is easy to see what a fun hobby the airplanes & the people must be;the lighted night flights have to be thrilling & challenging.The solar power will be very capable now especially with the additional battery & give that added peace of mind- even boondocks on occasion.All the best.

    1. Thanks, I have enjoyed the hobby and the people for over 40 years now. At one time I could not imagine flying at night, but I really enjoy it.
      Yes the solar power is at the level that is right for us.

  2. Thanks for sharing Bill. I once flew R/C planes but could never get the hang of it, so I switched to flying drones.

    1. Thanks John, learning to fly rc planes can be a challenge. Sometimes it is the instructor that can make all the difference. Glad you found drones to fly, I like to fly them also.

  3. It's just amazing to watch you guys fly those things. Except for the crashing part. That's what I would be good at. Love the yellow piper cub. I flew in one many times in my earlier years.

    1. Thanks Nancy, I do like the Piper Cub. The two that I have now, are number 3 and 4 that I have had over the years. I have a kit to build of an even bigger one to build yet.

  4. Sounds like you are really enjoying your flying time, minus the crashes. Nice to find a place you can enjoy your hobby and at the same time make some good friends.

    1. I do enjoy it, even if it's frustrating at times. We do have a great bunch of guys here.

  5. I can see why you like it so much down there. Such a great setup for flying and fixing your airplanes. Have fun and a Happy New Year!