Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Where Are We Today
Pilot Knob RV Park
Christmas is almost here, another year has nearly slipped by and once again we find ourselves at pilot Knob RV Park in Winterhaven, California. This is our fourth year here and hope to have many more.
As Patsy has showed you her decorating of the Suite inside and eluded to my handiwork outside, I thought I should show you what I've done.

My Christmas Lights
With the extension on my flag pole, I ran lights all the way to the top and along the ground under the trailer. Added the solar string in the tree and the 3 candy canes also lights in 4 windows.

So that being said, here is a picture of exactly that. Short and sweet is all you get this time, but I hope you stay tune for more to come. Thanks for taking a peek, until the next time, take care and be safe.



  1. Nice to hear from you Bill. looks like you have been enjoying this winter so far, each one is different but similar, Pilot knob has always been a favourite of ours over Christmas time, nit every one but most of our 13 years in the southwest.just kinda feels like home an smaller friendly rv ark close to the city but far enough enough away. Keep having fun and a Merry Christmas to you and Patsy.

    1. Thanks George, enjoying for sure. You are so right about Pilot Knob, small. friendly, close to the city and it does feel like home.

  2. From the pictures, yours and Patsy's, it looks like Christmas is outside as well as inside your Suite. Tom and I are looking forward to seeing it in person.

  3. Looks like a sleigh. Beautiful job Bill. You two are certainly in the Christmas spirit now. Enjoy your Christmas present.

  4. I love the lights AND your picture above, as I sit here freezing! Hope to catch up with you soon. Merry Christmas!!!

  5. It's looking very festive there! Love your new chairs! Merry Christmas Bill!