Sunday, December 23, 2018


Where Are We Today 
Pilot Knob RV Resort
Winterhaven California

Winter at "The Ridge"

It is that time of year again, holiday, hustle, bustle, family, friend and gift giving, that's what time of year it is.
Come on Dad! Let's get the tree up.

One of our last Christmas's at the house. 

Did you have to wrap it so tight, mom.

Holiday time, for many this is a time off from school, or work, some for a short time some for longer. Then there are those of us who are retired, you may say we are always on holidays. I like the way my Dad would put it, I'm retired, I don't get any holidays!
The Suite ready for Christmas
Hustle and bustle time go together, that running around making sure you have that last gift, for that special someone. Or that last minute grocery shopping, getting all trimmings for Christmas dinner. Whether it is quaint little shops or huge shopping malls, everyone trying to do the same thing, people everywhere and don't forget about the cars on the streets.
Close and long time friends back home, Kathy and Derrick
Family and friends time, we hope that we have time for family and friends. The best would be in person, but that isn't always possible, either there are so many that you don't have time to see them all or you live too far away.
Who are my family and friends? For the purpose of identifying them, I'm going to put them in groups. 
Most of our family together before we left.

Family is up first, for obvious reasons. Parents, mine are both now gone. Step-parent, which I have one, Marilynne. Brothers and sisters, while no brothers, but two beautiful sisters, Carol and Elizabeth. I also have a step-sister, Caroline. Of course there are the husbands, Brian and Bruce,  and children (six in total) of those sisters.  My children, four beautiful daughters Yvonne, Charlotte, Krystal and Jessica, along with their husbands, Dennis, Cory and one fiancée, Matt. Along with two step-children, Bridgette and her partner Chris and Patrick and his wife, Chaela with a total of nine grand children.

My side, last year when my dad was still with us.

 Then the love of my life, my partner, my friend and my wife, the person who shares the good and the bad times, the one who keeps me grounded,  calm, humble, satisfied and loved, Pat, some of you know her as Patritia or Patsy.
Of course there are the in-laws, a list so long, Christmas would be over by the time I typed all their names.

Heading out to a Christmas party in 2014 

To name all the friends would take until next year, so let me put them in groups. The list goes like this: closest friends, far away friends, RC flying friends, CanAm RV friends, Face Book friends, RVing friends, long time friends who you don't see very often, blogger and friends through family and many of these are in more than one group. That should cover everybody.
So that time of year is Christmas, with many things going on for us all. Pat and I are away from our families and a lot our friends, but that doesn't mean they are forgotten and not missed. 
Living in our RV, which is decorated, including a Christmas Tree and travelling to warmer climates for the winter is a choice we make. This year, like the past two, we are in a camp ground in the desert of California, where we will celebrate with close, RV and camp ground friends. 

Our traveling buddies this year

Christmas dinner will be at 2 P.M. on Christmas day with turkey and all the trimmings.

Christmas in the desert, Pilot Knob
So while you celebrate with friends and family, sharing a meal, a sip of eggnog or quietly listening to Christmas Carols/songs, whether you are having a white Christmas or sitting on a sandy beach or here in the desert, take time to be thankful for all that we have and think of those who don't have family, friends, gifts and food on a table.
If you are celebrating this time of year, CHRISTMAS, remember why we celebrate it in the first place, no matter what your beliefs are. The gift of a baby, a saviour, the greatest gift of all. The gift of giving, of ourselves, not just for the day or season, but all year long. A tall order yes, but do the best we can.
In closing, from Pilot Knob RV Resort in Winterhaven California, Pat and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
As always, comments are welcome, take care and be safe.

HO, Ho, HO Merry Christmas


  1. Very nicely said Bill. Merry Christmas to you and Patsy and Clemson.

  2. Very nice!!! Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year!!
    Don in Okla.

  3. Very well said. Merry Christmas to you Bill, to Patsy and all your loved ones, near and far. May the season bless you all and keep healthy, well fed, and safe!!

  4. Well written and some great memories you shared Bill.
    Hope you guys enjoy your Christmas 'vacation' there!

  5. Merry Christmas and all the amazing memories and friends we have met out the years. Keep enjoying this great lifestyle.

  6. Straight from the heart..had me tearing up. :) Merry Christmas (hugs)...I'll get one in person soon!

  7. Merry Christmas to not only the both of you but your entire collection of Family and Friends.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks guys, will see you in Quartzsite the last half of January.

  8. Merry Christmas to you and Patsy. With your nice postings we feel as if we were part of your extended family and look forward to following your travels and adventures. All the best for the next season.

    1. Thanks guys, hoping there is still a chance that we will see you this way in the new year.

  9. I just noticed this post, do not know how I missed it earlier. Nicely said, Bill.
    Nice pictures. Especially enjoyed the ones of you and Patsy.
    Happy New Year!

  10. Thanks guys, Happy New Year to you also, safe travels.