Saturday, June 16, 2018

A Short Post

Where Are We Today
Rock Glen Family Resort
A Small Project
I am sure that you all have been following Patsy's blog and know what we have been up to. Along with the daily routine at "The Ridge" ,  my trips to London, to work at CanAm RV a couple of days a week, all is well with the Richards.
The Richards relaxing at " The Ridge "

I would like to thank all those who passed on condolences and concerns to my family and me, when my dad passed away last month.
Remembering good times with my Dad

I  thought I would do a short post on a small project that I recently did. We carry a step ladder on the ladder at the back of our trailer, not where I really want to carry it.
While in Quail Ridge RV park in Huachuca City, Az. last winter, we met a couple who have a Mobilesuite similar to ours. The gentleman had made a couple of brackets and hung his step ladder under and near the front of the trailer. I thought it was a good idea, so once home, I wanted to do the same.

All made ready for paint.

I found some pieces of metal, drew up some plans and asked my good friend Rob if he would help me, Rob has a welder. We, I should say Rob cut the pieces of metal to size, bent pieces and welded them together to make the brackets.  Thanks Rob!
Holes drilled and painted, ready to mount

After I got them home, I painted them and then fastened them to the bottom of the trailer. The ladder fits perfect on the brackets and I feel it is a better place to carry it.
Brackets mounted with the ladder in place

View from the other side

That's it for this post, yes I'm still around and will post again. Thanks for staying tune, until the next take care, safe travels and keep up with Patsy.



  1. Now that's a GREAT idea! I have the same problem carrying a ladder. Finally bought one of those that squishes down to 6x6x10, but it's not all that stable when opened up. Looks like you've found the solution!

    1. Thanks Nancy, I do like this better then on the back of the trailer.

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  2. I had wanted to leave a Condolence when I read about your Father's Passing but was having Internet issues.
    That ladder bracket looks good but you might want to watch your ground clearance when Boondocking in the desert.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks for the thought, hope your internet problem is better.
      The ladder has lots of clearance, actually just slightly higher than the dump hose connection.

  3. I noticed that the other day, thought it was a new project, looks wonderful and great idea.

    1. Thanks George, I am glad I saw it on the other trailer, very happy with it.

  4. That looks like a professional job, Bill. You could go into production with that thing. We would like to take a step ladder along, too, but have the same predicament of not knowing where to put it. Maybe send a photo with a note to the Trailer Life Magazine and see if they print it in the next issue.

    1. Thanks Marlene, wish I could take credit for the idea and the c manufacturing of the brackets, but can not. Great idea for sending it into Trailer Life Magazine.

  5. The ladder holder is awesome! Good job Boys! Happy Father's day to you Bill! Enjoy..