Thursday, January 11, 2018

Quartzsite, Projects and A Walk

Where Are We Today
Quartzsite, Projects, & A Walk
We arrived in the desert at Quartzsite on Sunday January 7th /18 and will be here until the end of the month. Pat keeps you up to date on our daily activities at Patsy, so you know what we have been up to, she lets me write about my little projects, so here I am.
Back in 2016 when we purchased our satellite dish and programming, we got a PVR, two standard receiver boxes, satellite dish, portable tripod stand and coax cable. The installer said we could have 50 feet of cable free, two for the PVR and one for the first box, the second box we weren't going to use right away so I didn't get any for it.
The three original grey cables
The second standard receiver was going to be used between the TV in the bunky and one in the basement storage of the 5th wheel. I didn't get the TV for the trailer until last summer. When I installed it, I thought I had a 50 ft. piece of coax to use, turns out it wasn't 50 feet.

The shorter black one is the one I had and the other black one is the new 50 ft one

The other day I went into Satellite Advantage and picked up a 50 foot piece of coax and proceeded to install it along with the 3 original cables. To my surprise it wasn't the same length as the originals. After getting out my 100 foot tape measure, I discovered the originals were more like 65 feet long.
Today I went back to Satellite Advantage and got another 15 feet of coax cable and a connector to make everything the same length. Back home I had it all installed and looking neat.
The white one is the 15 ft that I added to the 50 ft. black one to make them all even

The other day, George, from Our Awesome Travels, was in buying a handle for his new heater. I asked him to pick me one up to, has we have the same heater. It only took a few minutes to install it and Pat is happy as she can pick it up and move it easily when sweeping the floor or wanting to get into the cupboard that it sits in front of when it is in use.
Drilling some pilot holes to attach the handle.

Handle attached and now easy to move around.
As you know, Pat likes to walk and is often up and out before I get up. This morning we were up together and I said if she would wait until after I made a quick trip to town, I would walk with her. She agreed and we went for about an hour after I got back from town.
Extreme solar  power here in the desert.

4860 watts of solar panels, he can run that window air conditioner.

Walking towards the front of the LTVA area.
The rest of the day was relaxing, reading and some social time with the neighbors at happy hour.

Sun setting on the suite tonight.

Sun shining on the mountains to the east

Another shot looking east at sunset.

Hope you had a great day too, until the next time, take care and be safe.
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  1. see Bill, just a simple little handle on a heater to keep Patsy happy., I get it, Roland put one on our heater and i love it. It is often just the little things. Have fun in the sun and safe travels.

    1. So true, and it only took a year to get it done. Ditto on the safe travels and fun in the sun.

    2. Lor you are so right! little things and we grin from ear to ear. :)

    3. And oh my! I just realized you are now reading TWO blogs!!!

  2. That handle on the heater does make a big difference so much easier to move around now.

    1. Right you are George, thanks again for picking one up for me.

  3. Nice handle, I didn't realize it took a whole year to get one. Amazing how 50ft to one person isn't to another, although the longer cable in your favour was a good thing. Glad you got your projects completed.

    1. I do tend to procrastinate about some things and yes the longer cable is in our favor, maybe I should have measured in the first place instead of taking it for granted.

  4. You did a great job on your projects. Nice that you walked with Patsy, I know she enjoyed it too! Glad to hear that your friend is doing well after surgery (I signed off Patsy's blog before I commented on that). What beautiful weather you are having there..we'll see you in a bit!

    1. Thanks, I know Patsy enjoys it when I walk with her and I really need to walk more. When i worked, I was always on my feet and on the go. When I retired, Pat said maybe you will slow down now, I guess I slowed down to much. LOL

  5. Only a year for the dad would always side with Tom on these sort of things. He would say it is not about getting it done it is about making sure you have planned it correctly and that takes time...:)

    Nice pictures I love how the sun touches the mountains in the east as it sets.