Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Valve Replacement

Where Are We Today
Can Am RV
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Although we are back in Ontario, we are not quite home, home being our summer spot "The Ridge" near Durham Ontario. At present we are at CanAm RV, tucked in  at the back of the lot while I do a couple of orientations,  we get a couple of things fixed and do some visiting with family and friends.
Yesterday morning I went about replacing the fill valve on the trailer. It has been giving us trouble over the winter so I asked CanAm to order one before we arrived home so it be here when we arrived. There are actually two valves, one for the fill and supply to the trailer and one for the hot water bypass, both are connected and mounted on a panel.

New assembly with connections numbered

The first thing that I did, was to take the new valve panel and number the nine hose/line connections, second was to number each hose/line to match the number on the panel, I did this as I removed each hose/line one at a time from the old panel. Once all the hose/lines were disconnected, I could then remove the old panel/ valve assembly from the trailer.
Before starting to reassemble, I duplicated the numbers on the new panel to the old panel. This was done for cross  reference  between the two, as you cannot see the back of the panel when you install it and I did not want to cross connect a hose/line.

Two valves with the panel removed

There were four hose/lines that I could pull through the opening and make the connections on the back of the panel. I should mention that all of the connections are screw on, so that made that part easy. Next I fastened the panel assembly in place and proceeded to connect the remaining five hose/lines.

Nice to have a space to work on/from

Working from the front and back side

New panel assembly installed

All done and washing up

Turning on the pump to test for leaks and the correct operation of the valves, I found all to be good and working properly. The whole job took less than an hour to do and I'm a happy camper.
Today we are off to Stratford to visit my parents and then to Tavistock for supper and a visit with my oldest daughter and family. I have one more orientation to do Thursday morning before we head for "The Ridge" Friday morning. It will be good to get set up there and settle in for the summer.
That's about it for now, until the next time, take care and be safe. Feel free to comment if you like.



  1. Nice to get that all done and things working the way they should once again. I have had to clean ours up a few times over the years and still seems to be working properly, after 18 years.

  2. For sure George, the techs here at CanAm tell me that they have changed a lot of these Anderson valves.

  3. Always nice to be handy which also saves some cash.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.