Friday, February 10, 2017

Palm Springs

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Palm Springs Air Museum

Yesterday we went for a drive into Palm Springs so I could tour the Palm Springs Air Museum, of course, Pat did come along to keep me company, you can check out her side of the story HERE  For more information on the history of the museum, you can find their link HERE.
The museum is nicely laid out next to the Palm Springs airport with two hangars depicting the Pacific and European Theaters of World War Two with a third hangar in construction to house the Korean and Vietnam aircraft. There are approximately 40 aircraft on display and many in flight status. Rides in a C47, P51 and a P17 Stearman are available for a fee.  
The museum and aircraft are kept in cleaned and polished state, the volunteers are very knowledgeable and love to talk about the aircraft and their history. Most of the volunteers are ex servicemen and obviously love what they are doing.
 I never get tired of visiting Aircraft museums, revisiting the aircraft from all eras, but especially WW2 , trying to remember the not so famous one and the ones that I personally like. The pictures that follow are some of my favorites.

Entrance to Museum

B-17G Nose Art 


Inside Belly Ball Turret

Tail Gunner 

Tail Section B-17G

Side View B-17G

Bell Huey UH-1B

Some Interesting Facts

F6F-5 Hellcat

Catalina PBY-5A


PT-17 Stearman

For Derrick Supermarine Spitfire

While grabbing a bite to eat, we met Michelle Evans, author of "The X-15 Rocket Plane, Flying the First Wings into Space". It looks like a good read, so will have to get a copy.
Thanks for following along, feel free to comment and until the next time, take care and be safe.



  1. We toured that museum quiet a few years ago when stayed in Desert Hot springs, it was vey interesting. So much to see in that area too. One day we will get back that way again.

    1. We will definitely come back to the area and take more things in.

  2. It was great to meet you both at the Palm Springs Air Museum. They are indeed a great group of people there. Couldn't have asked for a better venue when I did my talk on the X-15 in December.

    What a pleasure to meet wonderful people on the road. Thank you for taking the time to talk with us and give us the link to your blog. What a fantastic journey you are on right now.

    We are now in Tucson and will be at Pima Air & Space Museum on Saturday for my talk. Wish it had worked out that you two were coming this direction instead of having visited here first. Cherie and I hope that we meet up with you again on the road sometime soon. Have a great exploration!


    1. It was great to meet you both also, since we left home last October, we have met so many great people both from the U.S. and Canada.
      The Pima museum is a great museum and the tour to the bone yard also.Would have been nice to hear your talk.
      Yes, to meet up again would be great, all the best with the sale of your book and your talks.

  3. Glad you had an enjoyable visit of the Museum. That's something we both would like to do but will probably wait until next year.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Great tour, we try never to pass up an air museum.

    1. Great museum to visit. I try to visit any air museums when in there area.

  5. I love the air museums. I have flown in a couple war birds with friends of mine over the years. The Stearman was a fun ride and I have done aerobatics in a Harvard as a passenger. A couple years ago I had the pleasure of actually flying a Cornell. Warbirds are so intriguing.

    1. Intriguing for sure, I haven't flown in any yet. Would like to come back next year and go up in the Stearman. Love the museums and I use to volunteer at airshows back home.

  6. Bill,
    Did you happen to inquire about the fee of a ride in the P 51?
    Not that Derrick would care!

    1. Hi Jim, I think it was in the $200.00 range, the Stearman was $150.00

    2. Holy moly, cheap at many times the price. THANX! I'm N V US!


  7. Bill, I put that Corsair on my background screen, thx. I have the Top Flite version powered electric 6 cell lipo, 380kv motor retracts and all.
    Gary - all electric.