Saturday, December 10, 2016

Catching Up In Quartzsite AZ.

Where Are We Today
Quartzsite Arizona
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Since my last post, we have been sitting here in the desert enjoying life. Writing this post trying to remember what we did on what day since we got here is taxing my brain, so, let's just say life is good and who cares what day it is.
 During the last few days, we have managed to meet old & new friends, make a couple of trips into Quartzsite, make some purchases and enjoy the beautiful weather and sunsets.
After setting up on our first day, we met with George and Suzie from Our Awesome Travels and new friends Gerry and Melinda from Tucker's Adventure for happy hour, getting got caught up on each others travels.

Me, Melinda, Gerry, Suzie, George & Barb

Rick & Kathy & me

As I said, the days are a blur, but on those trips to Quartzsite we have wandered around a few of the vendors already here for the big show in January. We have purchased some led lights for the awning, which I will need to install, and collapsible extension ladder that we have talked about getting for some time now and our latest purchase was a blue flame heater. More on that in a bit.
We also have met up with Kathy and Rick Rousseau from It's About Time, who are fellow Canadians and bloggers from back home in Ontario. We have been following each other's blogs for some time but have never met until now. They are staying in a nearby park and will meet up with them again before we leave here.  
Today, I do remember, this morning we were up before first light to head into Quartzsite to have the Blue Flame heater installed, by the great folks at RV Lifestyles . Mike and his crew did a fantastic job with the install. Explained what they did and demonstrated how the heater lit and worked.

teed at the furnace 

through the wall into trailer

Blue Flame heater

The other thing I have done over the last two days is to inquire on tilting our solar panels. When I had them installed back home, I had them mounted to the roof without being able to tilt them, my decision. Not thinking how low the sun is in the sky, I don't get enough charge time to sustain us through the night, therefore, I am having to start our generator to top up the batteries. Tomorrow we are getting an estimate from a local guy to do the install of the kits and to relocate the panels on the roof. More on that in another post.
One of the fun things today was finding the local RC flying field Quartzsite Desert Flyers and meeting some of the guys. One who happened to be from British Columbia, he has more airplanes in his cargo trailer then I have ever seen at one time.
I have also got my quad copter out here in the desert and flown taking some pics.

Entrance to flying field

Dave from B.C.

Inside his trailer

map made out of stone

Taken from 400 ft up

That's us, showing George how to fly the quad copter 

That should catch you on what we have been up to, it is hard to believe we have been away from home for almost 7 weeks, enjoying life, having fun and not missing the weather back home. Thanks for following along, until the next time, take care and be safe.

another beautiful sunset


  1. So nice to catch up with guys and glad you are enjoy this southwest desert,as you know we love it!

    1. We certainly not disappointed and it is nice to share it with great friends.

  2. Can't ask for better weather then we've had for the last few days.
    We really enjoyed our visit with you, Patsy and Clemson. Hoping to get together again before everyone goes there separate ways.
    The new heater looks good.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes the weather is great and best for you to get your projects done. Heater looks and works great.