Wednesday, September 7, 2016


"The Ridge" Durham On.

Busy, busy where has the time gone. In my last post, I mentioned the "Bunkie" we have been working on. I am happy to say it is near completion.  As I write this, there are a few pieces of trim to put up, a door handle and latch and a couple of pictures to hang. I am pleased with the outcome   and should make a nice guest cabin or when I am in trouble with Pat, a really nice dog house.

New smaller door

Even a TV

SW painting from our old home

Bar fridge

What keeps me busy you ask, after all, "you're supposed to be retired." Yes I am retired, but would go stir crazy if I sat around too long. I have my grass cutting to do, maybe three acres. Hey, just thought of something else to do, measure the area and see just how much there is, I'll add that to the "to do list". The mower I use belongs to our brother-in-law. It is an old one he picked up used a couple of years ago.  I have wanted a better one to cut with and call my own. That way, if anything goes wrong with it, It is me fixing it and not paying to fix someone else's, crazy thinking maybe but that's me. Pat found a used Cub Cadet on Kijiji just up the road from us, so went and had a look. It is in good shape and only five years old and the price was right. So now I have a mower of my own.

Trying out my new to me mower

Another project I have on the go is the redoing of my cargo trailer that I keep my RC airplanes in. Since we sold the house, it is the only storage space that I have for them. I am always looking at what other guys do to their cargo trailers to house and transport their planes. When at the event in Chatham this past July, I got a couple of ideas that I think will make mine better, so I am working on that too.

Shelves on the right are new

This past weekend was Labour Day, and for the last few years my cousins have   a " Cousins Family Reunion" held at the cottage of one of them in Inverhuron. It is a come for the day or come and camp for the weekend type of thing, we go for the day. Our Aunt Ruth is the only one left of our parents, that's why it is a cousins reunion, of course, we have to have her there. We had a great time and the pot luck was tasty as always.

Aunt Ruth and three more generations
We wanted to make our gravel area a little wider, so had a load of gravel brought in and a local fellow come and spread it.

Best Contracting brought the load


Brian and his tractor

Nice job, all done.
Well I think that catches you all up to date on my busyness. It is hard to believe we are into the second week of September, the kids are back to school and the fall fairs have started. We are down to 47 days before we head to the southwest for the first time as snowbirds, so we are starting to plan all of that and which route we may take, exciting yes.  We still have Thanksgiving and a RV show in Toronto before that happens and of course shutting down "The Ridge" before we leave. Busy, busy, busy, what can I say, we are having fun and enjoying retirement.
Thanks for following along and until the next time, be safe and take care,


  1. Yes dear, it is a lot of work but it is different than having a house to look after. We are doing things we want to do instead of things we have to do. It is a great feeling. Nice post!

  2. Getting ready to head south this year seems to have a whole different set of things that need doing as Fulltimers. It's probably the second move in four months that did us in because we're still trying to get things in order.
    Hoping you have a great trip and maybe we'll see one another somewhere down the road.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. I"m sure that you will get it all together and be ready to go when the time comes. I read your blog everyday and see the progress.
    You have a safe trip also and we will definitely meet somewhere down the road.
    On Our Way

  4. The time does fly, I was very busy all the time when we went fulltime but have gradually slowed down, moving every couple weeks is what keeps us busy and we love it.
    The first time to head south for the winter is always exciting, so many new places to see and explore. Some people love the southwest, others hate it. As you know we love it.
    Soon it's ready set .. go We still don't know which way we going yet, we plan that on a day to day basis depending on the weather.
    Your projects are looking good

  5. Thanks George, we are so looking forward to this first year of full timing. like you always say " nothing carved in stone, only jello" we will be planning some route direction with built in, no lets not go that way, we'll go this way instead. Will see you some time in the south west for sure.

  6. Great job on the "Bunkie" Bill and Pat. It's nice to have that feeling of accomplishment after working on something! Gerry and I know that feeling from our work at the Acreage and know how time flies 'when you're having fun!'

    1. Thanks Donna, we are pleased with the results. Yes time is flying by, our time here at "The Ridge " for this year is soon coming to an end, only 42 days left.