Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pat's Last Day

London Ontario

Today after 33 years of dedicated service, was Pat's last day at work. We held an all day Open House for those in our building and from any of the other locations in the school board that could stop by. As the stores clerk of the Distribution Centre, there are thousands of people that she has talked to and helped in one way or another. The emails of congratulations, all the best and what are we going to do without you over the last couple of days, are a testimony of who she is,  the impact she has  made and the service she has provided, are over whelming and I know have touched her deeply. 
The following are a few of the  pictures that I took today and they tell it all.
Arriving in the morning

One of our drivers, Mark

Our boss Deb and Laurie a co-worker

Custodial Supervisor and ops leaders

Our Canada Post Lady

A best Friend

Our Canpar Driver

One of our music suppliers

One of my daughters


Our other driver, Eric

Pat's daughter Bridgette

These have been some of the 83 pics that I took and hopefully show what a great day and career it has been. While today brings an end to one chapter of her life, a exciting new chapter is about to begin. 

For me, Pat has been part of my 26 year career here at the Thames Valley District School Board and 19 years as my wife. I have been truly blessed.

Thanks for stopping by and until the next time, take care.


  1. That day has finally come for here, now not too long until your retirement then you can take off. And really enjoy a new lifestyle.

    1. 48 working days George and I'll be there. Looking forward to seeing you when your back.

  2. What a great write up of my day and the pics are awesome memories I had an amazing emotional day and managed to keep it together pretty well!

  3. Congratulations Pat upon your retirement. Now don't confuse retirement with having nothing to do because you will probably be busier now than before.
    Hoping to meet you and Bill soon after our big day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Thank you Rick and Kathy! I'm sure the transition from going to work every day out of the house and working in the home at something I enjoy doing more will be a challenge! :) We also hope to meet you both soon!

  5. Retirement is a great part of life-congrats!

  6. Congrats on your retirement, Pat!! Hope to see you on the road soon!