Saturday, January 23, 2016

Get Ready, Get Set GO!!!!


Here we are, the 23rd of Jan. and so far not that bad of a winter. Since my last post we have been busy getting the house ready to sell. With the painting done, replacing the kitchen floor, a few minor repairs and carpets cleaned we are ready to list.

Stripping old floor

Almost done stripping

Getting started

Front entrance

Getting Clemson's approval

Pat painting basement stairs

She must be taking a break

Almost done

That task of purging is still in progress but getting close to the end. We have piled the things we are keeping in one room ready to put in the trailer or take to " The Ridge" and put in the shed up there.

Items we're keeping

We signed the papers with our Real Estate agent Wednesday night, she came Thursday with photographer and The "For Sale sign went up Thursday night.

For Sale

Now the wait begins, how long will it take?  They say we are in a balanced market, leaning towards a sellers market, we will see. Being we are still working, Pat until the end of March and I until mid July, we have time. Ideally, a closing date of no earlier then April 30th and no later then June 30th would  be great, but we are flexible and have back plans if any different. We are excited, every time we have gone out and come back home since Thursday night, as we round the corner, I say to Pat, dam, no sold sign yet! Can you tell I'm impatient.
Wish us luck as we go through this next stage towards FULL TIMING, and follow along. Thanks for stopping by and until the next time, take care.


  1. Making good progress now. I have a feeling you house will sell quickly and close by the end of April. Good luck and enjoy the dreams of upcoming adventures.

    1. Thanks George, lookig forward to being down there next winter.

  2. Looks like you are making great progress on selling the house. Even though you will continue to do things towards the sale of the home it will be interrupted by showings where you will have to disappear. Your home might not appeal to everyone (Don't Be Discouraged) but just the right person will come along and instantly fall in love with it. Good Luck on a quick sale.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick, we will take it one day at a time. Being we are still working, should help keep our minds off it during the day.

  3. I might have to find just the right medication for you through this process, dear. But one day that SOLD sign will be up and you'll have something else to be anxious about! Moving!!! :) I'll be right there with you and looking forward to the saga continuing.

    1. You are so funny, haha. Meds might help, but I doubt it. Moving!! OMG don't get me started.