Saturday, November 16, 2019

New Orleans and Westward

Where Are We Today
San Antonio, Texas

After spending a great week exploring in New Orleans, we have been " on our way" west for the last two days. Traveling on I-10, except when taking the by-passes around Houston and San Antonio, we have made steady progress in our journey westward. The roads have been acceptable, if you remember my road ratings from our second year, I-10 and the by-passes get an 8 out of 10. There was one section, for about the first mile into Texas that was a 5 out of 10, boy did it shake things up in the trailer.
During our time in New Orleans, we made three trips down to the French Quarter. Trip one, was exploratory, just driving, checking things out.
The Famous "Cat's Meow"

Bourbon Street

The second trip was right down to Decatur St, parking at lot P401. Now we have heard the horror stories about not being past the time you have paid for, or you will come back to find a boot on your vehicle. To get it removed is a cost of $90.00 plus the parking time, the horror stories are all true. We did see two vehicles with them. Here's the thing though, you can actually go on line, pick the parking lot you want, enter the time you want to start parking and set a time to leave, pay for it with a credit card and you have now reserved a spot ahead of time. This also allows you to go in and out during that time. Also, you can download their app and do the same thing plus, if you think you aren't going to get back in time, go on the app and add payment to the time, so no worries. This is how we did it. From here it is an easy walk to The French Market, Cafe du Monde and Bourbon St.

Having Fun on Bourbon St.

Beignet  mmmmm!

Lastly, we decided to go back and do Bourbon St at night, taking in the sights, music and food. We also went to The Cafe du Monde for a hot drink and a Beignet, it melted in your mouth, they are served warm and are to die for, a must if you visit, the cafe is open 24 hours.
Listening to the music

Cafe du Monde

There are many other things to do, steam boat ride on the Mississippi River, tours of cemeteries, carriage rides and double decker bus sighting tours,  to name a few. So you see, we have to go back.
Steam Boat Tour

Double Decker Bus Tours Hop on and off any time.

Graveyard Tours


Last night we stayed at a Wal-Mart in Vidor Texas and tonight we are at a Sam's Club in San Antonio, Texas. We have one more night on the road before we get to Elephant Butte State Park.
Entering Texas and a mile of rough road

Vidor Wal-Mart

Sam's Club San Antinio

Our spot, goodnight from San Antonio

This brings you up to date from my perspective, please stay tune to Patsy for a more detailed day of our adventures. Thanks for stopping by, until the next time take care and stay safe.
Prayers and hugs to George and Suzie.



  1. Oh yeah! The graveyard tour!!!! Looks like a great time. Good info on parking.

  2. NOLA is an interesting place. We visit every so often. Last time the big thing was the World War II museum.

    1. We will have to check out the museum, thanks for the tip.

  3. There is nothing like Bourbon Street after dark. The rear wheel paddle boat ride is basically just around the harbour, you get the view from the water but not much to see really. I preferred the horse carriage tour, it was much more entertaining, educational and interactive. Enjoy EBSP. I know you two enjoy your time there. Safe travels.

    1. Thanks for the tip on the paddle boat, we will skip it next time. Loved Bourbon St. at night. It wasn't wall to wall people which suits us just fine, not into large crowds. Yes we do like and enjoy our time at EBSP, thanks. Safe travels to you both, also.