Monday, November 7, 2016

Tombstone Az.

Where Are We Today
Quail Ridge RV Park Huachuca City Az.
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Yesterday, Nov. 6th/16 we took a short drive over to Tombstone, Az. (the town to tough to die)and spent a few hours being entertained, learning some history and perusing the many shops down the old western street.
Nice free parking
There is lots to see and learn, with two or three different places doing re-enactments of gun fights, stagecoach rides and many shops selling trinkets, Indian art to high end clothing. Many bars / restaurants to wet  your thirst or satisfy that hunger at reasonable prices.
re-enactment stage

The Players

Set em up bar keep

Time to die partner

Yep he's dead

You making fun of my shirt

Ya, I'm making fun of your shirt

Not sure who this gun slinger is

Watch out for the guy with the shot gun
Trying my hand at a six shooter
Yellow dots on the target second from right are mine.

Having a Sarsaparilla

Take a stage coach ride

Boothill Graveyard

We didn't try to see everything in one day, we left some to come back to another time. Pat and I have decided that this is an area of the south west that we will come back to next year, so will do more exploring in Tombstone then. Of course, you can't leave Tombstone without visiting  "Boothill" Graveyard .
Thanks for following along, until the next time, take care and be safe.

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  1. It is a a fun area to explore, looks like you had a good time.