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Picture was taken in La Posa South (LTVA)near Quartzsite AZ.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Same Place -Short and Sweet

Where Are We Todal
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The Same Place as My Last Post
This afternoon the clouds were starting to break so it was time for a couple of boys to get out their toys for a little play. Lorne Green from " A Place Called Away", click Here to find his blog, has a quad copter also. The two of us got them out to have a little fun and take some pictures. The following is the result. Most of the shots were taken from 400 feet up.

Rockhouse Trail leading back to the Clark Dry Lake Bed at the Base of the Santa Rosa Mts.

That's us 

Coyote Mts.

Looking towards the San Jaunita Mts.

Taking a picture of Lorne's copter with mine

Coyote Mts.

Borrego Springs in the distance to the right

Pat took these two pics of us  taking pics of each other

That's it, short and sweet, until the next time, take care and be safe. Comments welcome.


Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Where Are We Today
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To say that we are in the desert near Borrego Springs is a very broad statement. To put it exact, we are in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, settled in Clark Valley between the Santa Rosa and Coyote Mountains at 33.226*N by 116.348* W. If looking on "Google Maps", we are east of Borrego Springs Ca., follow Palm Canyon Rd. to Pegleg Rd. to Borrego- Salton Seaway, this is all one road called State Hwy 22. Where Pegleg Rd. turns into Borrego - Salton Rd you will see Rockhouse Trail to the north, we are a few hundred yards in and off to the right. Now that's about as exact as I can get and maybe more then you want to know, but there is a reason. The reason, it is one of the most beautiful areas that we have been in.
The Santa Rosa are behind us and the Coyote to are left.

I hope that you have been following Pat's blog, find it HERE, to see what we have been doing day to day. This post today, is more about what I see in the scenery. We use a camera to let light images in through an opening in a lens, that record on a digital card for us to look back on. Although, with my very limited picture taking ability and using auto exposure settings, the pictures don't do justice to what those same light images passing through the lens of my eye and travelling the electrical pathways to that location in my brain where I see the image and record it in my memory for hopefully years to come. Of course, the pictures will help to stimulate that memory from time to time. This post is about that scenery, the mountain colours, the green desert and the winding, twisting and turning roads. So , here are some of those pictures.

Clarke Dry Lake Bed at the base of The Santa Rosa Mts.

Santa Rosa Mountains

Coyote Mountains

Greenery on the way to Julian

Different Cactus

Road thru the Yaqui Pass Road

Yaqui Pass

Looking over the Borrego Badlands towards the Salton Sea

I hope you have seen some of the beauty that we have seen and there is much more to see. We will come back to this area again and continue to explore all that it has to offer.
Thanks for following along and feel free to comment, until the next time, take care and be safe.