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Sunday, August 26, 2018


Where Are We Today
The Ridge

Today's Project
This is a short post of today's project, a work table for the shed, which  has a name, just like all the other sheds on the property. But you will have to read Patsy's post,HERE , to find out what it is. After this post, I will use the new name also.

All Framed

The work table is 3 ft. by 8 ft. 35 in. high with a top and middle shelf and casters so it can be moved around in the shed. It will be used to build and repair my airplanes on.

Ready to carry down to the new shed.

In the shed with casters mounted

It took the better part of three hours to build, part of it I did under our car shelter, then Pat help to carry it down to the shed where I mounted the casters and the top and middle shelf.

Top on

Middle shelf on


That's it for today, thanks for stopping by, until the next time, take care and be safe.


Saturday, August 25, 2018

A Couple of Small Projects

Where Are We Today

Catching UP
Most of what goes on at "The Ridge" gets posted by Patsy, which I know you follow daily, but here are a couple of small projects that I have done since we have been home.

Broken Wing Weber

If you remember back to our time at Bottomless Lake New Mexico, we had a wind storm come through and blow the "Weber Q " off the picnic table during the night and break off one of the side tables. Patsy affectionately named it " the broken wing weber ", also while riding in the back of the truck, the igniter got broken.
Scraped clean and old igniter out
New Igniter Installed

I finally got around to ordering the new parts and put it back together, it's good as new again.
New wing/tray installed 

The second project was that of building a wash stand with an old hand pump attached. When Donna and Gerry bought this piece of property, there was an old metal stand with stainless steel sink and a hand pump. We soon discovered that the pump was broken beyond repair so it is now a garden decoration at Donna and Gerry's. The sink had been tack welded to the metal stand , so I proceeded to break the welds with a cold chisel and remove the sink from the old stand.
Frame of stand done

Eventually, I built a new stand to hold the sink and we purchased a refurbished hand pump to put on the new stand. Our plan is to hook up a hose to the bottom of the rain barrel and pump the water up to the sink, which we have managed to do, but have a couple of issues to work out yet.
Sink in

Top view before the pump was painted
Painting the pump


You have more than likely read on Patsy's blog about the new shed that we are building. This is for me to enjoy my hobby of building, flying and yes, sometimes fixing Radio Controlled airplanes. I will say at this time that the shed is built and doors installed. Thanks to Mike Van Hatten for all your help. Stay tune for what I do to finish the inside and furnish for carrying on with my hobby.

Thanks for stopping by, comment if you wish, take care and be safe until the next time.