Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Our Route Day Three

Where Are We Today 
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Day Three Route
We woke early this morning after having a good nights sleep, but we were in no rush to get moving. Taking our time, we had breakfast, read some blogs, showered and dressed. I drained the last little bit of water in our fresh water tank then added about 25 gallons of fresh water to get us thru the next few days of travelling.

Last nights campground

Pulling out of the campground around 9:30 a.m. (C/T) we were soon on Hwy I 80 heading west. About an hour in we made a quick stop at a rest area and while we were there we picked up a map of Iowa, the state maps are handy to have for references to go along with the GPS. Traffic moved along nicely until around 12:30 p.m. when we slowed to a crawl for about a mile because of a single car accident, the tow truck was just backing up to the car as we went by. A short while later we were stopping for fuel at a Flying J, just on the outskirts of Des Moines, no RV lanes here so we filled in the truck lanes.
Single car accident

Carrying on until 2:30 p.m. until we pulled into a rest area, near Adair Io. for some lunch. Having satisfied our hunger , once again we motored on until we reached our final destination for the day, Lincoln Nebraska.
As I have rated the Hwy's on previous days, I will also rate today's travel along I 80. I found this to be quite a smooth road to travel. There were a couple of short rough spots that I would rate at a 7 out of 10 and there were some exceptional areas that I would rate at a 10 out of 10. Overall, I would give this section that we travelled today an 8 out of 10.
Since we left home, we have travelled 1100.1 miles, an average of 366.7 miles per day.

Set up for the night

Thanks for following along, I do love to read your comments, so until the next time, take care and be safe.



  1. Enjoy your maps and route description Bill. But when I try to follow your blog it tells me I do not have permission.

    1. Thanks Stew, I will check my settings and see what the problem is.

    2. Stew, I have checked my settings against Pat's, and they are the same, so I'm not sure why you can't follow. I will keep investigating.

  2. You two are making good time. Looking forward to hearing about each day's route also nice to be able to see it on the map. Continued safe travels.

  3. You are making good time hopefully the weather will be good for you.

  4. Thanks George, looks like a couple of cool days ahead.