Saturday, November 5, 2016


Where Are We Today
Quail Ridge Estate RV Resort
Huachuca City Arizona
(click on pics to enlarge)
Yesterday morning, around 10:30 and 53*F.,  we left Elephant Butte State Park in New Mexico, packing up between the rain bursts. After a short drive thru Truth Or Consequences we were back on  I 25 South heading for Hatch, Az. and exit 41 to NM.26 S.

Leaving Truth or Consequences

Clouds down below the hill tops

 The rain has stopped and we are now in clear blue skies. Driving thru Hatch we saw a lot of chili hanging out for sale. At the town of Deming NM, we picked up I10 W., shortly after, 12:30-12:50 pm we pulled into a rest are to stretch our legs then continued on westward, crossing the Continental Divide 51 miles from Arizona.

Clearing skies

Chili hanging up for sale

Little traffic

Warning Sign

One of the rest areas

For my Dad, long freight trains

Centennial sign 1912-2012

Stopped for fuel at a Love's truck center and then pulled over to the truck parking area where we could open up our slides and make some lunch. While there, we visited the Goldhill Outpost right next door, souvenirs purchased and back on the road. Westward on I10 to NM hwy 90S to NM hwy 82W to the Park entrance on N. Yucca Dr., arriving at 4:30 pm. 75*F.

Second rest area

Border Control Check Point on I90

Entrance to the park

Our site, all set up

All in all, it was a good driving day, good roads and little traffic. Setup and relax, then supper. Limited TV here so we watched a DVD until bedtime, tomorrow I will set up our satellite dish.
Thanks for following along, until the next time, take care and be safe.


  1. We have been that way many times always interesting, keep having fun.

  2. Thanks George, will start do some exploring tomorrow.

  3. Glad you're enjoying your visit to our great Southwest. There's just no place like it, and it's certainly a favorite of ours. By the way, I would like to compliment you for including your location at the beginning of your posts. So many bloggers don't realize what a thoughtful accommodation this is for their readers and how much it is appreciated. Searching old posts to find out someone's location is frustrating and not something most readers will do. Kudos!

    1. Picked up the location idea from fellow bloggers, makes it easy for us to, when looking back. We love the southwest, this has been dream to come this way for three + years now. Our home decor, when we had a house, was in the southwest theme, even had a cactus for a few years. Thanks Mike.

  4. We have enjoyed following your journey and keeping track on our map for future travels! Safe journey!
    Jeff and Cindy

    1. Glad you are enjoying our journey, thanks for following along.